Monday, 2 July 2012

The Children at Play, River Narmada, Bharuch

The Children at Play, River Narmada, Bharuch

Water Play at Narmada River, Bharuch By Remi de Souza

There are many dimensions to this event: Discovery (without Copy Right), leisure and learning by sharing, sense of community, free entertainment that helps health of body and sanity of mind.

Besides they are swimmers. They would learn rowing, and fishing in course of time, i.e. higher education without fees, without grading, without failures... everyone is accepted.

They are familiar with the environment around: high tide and low tide, with that the change in water taste, the wild life, and also the presence of crocodiles in some parts of the river.

There is unconditional belief and trust that river is mother. Even any event of mishap or demise is taken as part of life.

And there are many more dimensions... which depends upon everyone's level of perception. MORE>>

"Art is for Life", not "Art for Art's Sake"!
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  1. These simple folks live a better life than us....
    Good post Remi, keep up!

    1. Thanks Rujuta, for visit and joining my blog. Welcome her!! I add a post a week, on Mondays as far as possible.

    2. May I add! I like your comment. TO BE SIMPLE IS DIFFICULT; TO BE COMPLICATED like us urbanite and the adults IS VERY EASY!

  2. since this one I have published more on children on this blog