Monday, 9 July 2012

Buffaloes on charge in a garden

Dhoom 1, 2, 3.. N


Buffaloes on Charge in Garden by Remigius de Souza

A painting, by being scanned and reproduced, is a photograph. Call it Art, Painting or Graphic, if you chose!

Apparition: At our studio in Sayajirao Garden (popularly known as Kamathi Baug), during a lunch break I saw buffaloes charging at me. Perhaps I dosed off!
Years later I notice the bikers going rash on crowded streets of Mumbai, like buffalo-the-aid of Yama - the Death. Apparition came true in Mumbai!

There are reports that some young bikers are chain-snatchers. Perhaps the popular Bollywood movie DHOOM proved to be their Guru and inspiration!
It adds to Mumbai's glamour, greed and crime world. Ha! Ha! Ha!
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© Remigius de Souza. All rights reserved.


  1. i love love love love the second para n d comparison drawn it:)hehe

    1. Alka! This blog is in making. Please give suggestions to improve it.

  2. Thanks Alka,
    This vision did really happen. Imagine how the buffaloes in a garden would trample grasses, destroy shrubs!
    The chain-snatchers' victims are women in Mumbai and other cities.