Thursday, 21 June 2012

Where Plant Life, Wildlife There

 Where Plant Life, Wildlife There

‘Historically the study of evolution has concentrated almost exclusively upon the animals. If plants are mentioned it is only in passing and usually to reconstruct the environment in which to view the animal record.’ ─ The opening sentence of the book, “The Evolution of Plants” by Willis, K.J. & McElwin, OUP, 2002.
Plant life and Wildlife at Micro-level
On a parapet, there were many potted plants. A spider builds its web at a most lucrative site. After a few days, someone had cleaned (sic) it.

Where we grow plants, there should be sunlight and moisture in soil. Various insects, worms, flies, bees, earthworms and bacteria live.

Spider knows where to build its web, by intuition. Even in homes there are cobwebs. Sometimes a spider is predator, sometimes a  prey – a victim of chemical insecticides.

Nature maintains the balance of Environment, Ecology and Energy fields by inbuilt planning. However, there may not be any other predator species like civilized humans, particularly the Post-Historic man for his immense insatiable greed.

Civilized societies have a strange idea of aesthetics, smeared by hedonistic visual pleasure. Plant life and wildlife support and feed each other at micro, meso and macro levels. But who cares!

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Remi's Photo Synthesis

Remi's Photo Synthesis comes on blog-world!

Remi the Infant Terrible
Remi (Remigius de Souza) here, under 1 year, was introduced to photography.  

Photosynthesis takes place in plants to prepare their food. In return plants give Food, Shelter and Clothing to other Living-beings including plants.

Photography in the period of time moved in many directions – x-ray, movie, television, CT scan, Photometry, Radiometry, Remote sensing...; light waves turn to electromagnetic waves into images!

Photography is also considered as art form, whatever it may be!

Remi's Photography, however, is Utility, inspired by Plant-life.

It extends in many ways to Synthesis - to collect, to connect to disseminate and to put in Holistic way, following the Way of Mother Nature, in love of Land-Water-Life.

Remi's efforts are miniscule by his limitations!

I launch 'Remi's Photo Synthesis', my photography blog, for People, on the longest day. I intend to update my blogs every week on Mondays.


Date: June 21, 2012
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© Remigius de Souza. All rights reserved.