Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Water Fountain near Museum, Mumbai

Fountain near Museum, Mumbai
I noticed this fountain came alive after decades. Perhaps, this season there is good rain, and the citizens are assured that they would get water to drink till next monsoon, which has been erratic for some time.

A Relic from British Raj, updated with car park, landscape, fence etc. Aesthetics of Visual Hedonism. It may suit in cold regions! In tropical India, people have integrated large water bodies in city centres like this.

Water reservoir in the traditional city centre: Sur Sagar, Vadodara

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While Mumbai has been facing recurring floods, or droughts.

Floods in Mumbai is a recurring feature
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  1. Why do we have such extremes? Really tragic in both conditions.

  2. I agree with you, Indrani! Could it be called our 'predicament'? But certainly calls for Introspection, at least on the part of thee citizens.

  3. Architecture, Planning are expressions of the culture. Culture is always local; it can't be global. Culture is born in Natural biodiversity, from Polar regions to Equator.

  4. When bio diversity is destroyed systemically, culture also goes.Now we have only money culture.

    1. True! And along with that the time-tasted wisdom of the people; And homogenized society comes in...