Monday, 19 November 2012

Toy seller of rainbow colours in Mumbai

Home made toys for all

Toy seller in Mumbai- 1
 This toy is most popular. It is universal and timeless. The young man has learnt this craft by .himself; no schools or books referred to. The question of survival is utmost priority for the displaced, in the hostile city to migrants from villages. He found this option in a most creative way.

It is very economical to build, with bamboo stick, paper and bit of a wire. It runs on wind energy. There are several variations available.

The elders may encourage children to make it, and watch how they could use available materials. They may begin to do it first, to set an example!  

The toy seller arranges his stock with imagination. Whenever there is breeze the toys throw rainbows in 180 degrees.

Toy seller in Mumbai- 2

The toy seller was often chased away by the shopkeepers, if he stood in front of their shops. . Hence he was standing almost in the middle of the street. The two photographs were taken within half an hour, as he moved from one place another.

The Agencies are hardly aware of the Dynamic Energy of the People – Ryot.

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  1. They are very colourful. They are seen in plenty here during festival season.

  2. Yes! They must be in all parts of the world!! Thanks for visit :0

  3. An altogether different feeling surrounded my mind... you did a good job dedicating a post for such a fighter (in life)... little more about him would have made the post nicer :-)

    Anunoy Samanta

    1. Thanks Anunoy, for visit, comment and suggestion.
      All travellers are adventurers. They meet some day, including one - the protagonist - in this post.
      I have been writing on these fighters at length for some time on my other blogs.
      Now I am learning to be subtle... or leave a suggestion or a teaser.
      Welcome here :-)