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Dombari - a caste of traditional acrobats in Mumbai- 1
Dombari - a caste of traditional acrobats in Mumbai-2



From South Pole
To North Pole
Life —
A tightrope walk

(Translation of the original in Marathi, dated April 1984, by the author)

This girl-child doing her circus act! What education shall our benevolent government shall give her?
How long will she take to learn Letters and Numbers?
Her motor ability is so advanced that might bring any young person to a shame.
She is already educated in life supporting skills.
But the government does not recognize her education, and likewise that of millions of royt – Janata!
Isn't it misfortune of the rulers!

Dombari are a caste of acrobats in Indian Society. In the democratic India’s changing economy, they are now vanishing: No rehabilitation, No education. Who cares?

They are mentioned in Siddhartha Jataka (3rd Century B.C). Would they ever reach the Olympics, or vanish, in the Democratic India?

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  1. Nice post and the new blog Remi:)

  2. They show great skills. Sadly their talent is not respected.

    1. And Not even Recognized by the Agency... We have traditional 64 Arts, which have been life-supporting skills. Now forgotten.

  3. A community that's been doing this for over two thousand years. That's mind boggling.

    1. Indian agrarian society had been cohesive communities for a long time then. It continued until British Raj colonized India, slowly disintegrating the collective, or so believe. The history is before us as its WASTE?
      Thanks, Shovon! Welcome here..