Thursday, 21 June 2012

Remi's Photo Synthesis

Remi's Photo Synthesis comes on blog-world!

Remi the Infant Terrible
Remi (Remigius de Souza) here, under 1 year, was introduced to photography.  

Photosynthesis takes place in plants to prepare their food. In return plants give Food, Shelter and Clothing to other Living-beings including plants.

Photography in the period of time moved in many directions – x-ray, movie, television, CT scan, Photometry, Radiometry, Remote sensing...; light waves turn to electromagnetic waves into images!

Photography is also considered as art form, whatever it may be!

Remi's Photography, however, is Utility, inspired by Plant-life.

It extends in many ways to Synthesis - to collect, to connect to disseminate and to put in Holistic way, following the Way of Mother Nature, in love of Land-Water-Life.

Remi's efforts are miniscule by his limitations!

I launch 'Remi's Photo Synthesis', my photography blog, for People, on the longest day. I intend to update my blogs every week on Mondays.


Date: June 21, 2012
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  1. Sir! This is unusual but unique concept of presentation of mechanical-chemical process of photography with natural-organic process of photosynthesis! It never occurred during my science study. :-)

    There lies the difference between the Natural phenomenon and the artificial work with its limitations. I thank you for your response: you have added one more dimension to this blog!