Saturday, 7 December 2013

The other in Mumbai Metropolis

Key Words: The Other, The Fifth World India, Development

The Other in Mumbai-1
The Other:   It has been used in social science to understand the processes by which societies and groups exclude 'Others' whom they want to subordinate or who do not fit into their society. (Read More >>

The Other in Mumbai-2
The Fifth World India of the displaced and marginalized, (by the development projects, riots, floods, joblessness, cyclones, droughts…) from their kin, community and homestead…

The Other in Mumbai-3
They move in search of work for sustenance; they depend upon self reliance, self-help.

The Other in Mumbai-4
On my way to public library I notice them happy and content, though they don’t have even a shelter, leave aside other possessions. The Flowers are their shelter!

The Other in Mumbai-5
Their children acquire life supporting skills from their parents. They also become their helping hands and support the family.

The Other in Mumbai-6
Two generations have come of age on the pavements of Mumbai since the Independence. We have heard that during Vietnam War entire generation was born. grew up and took up guns to fight the war.
In India there is war going on the Other without a Bang.

The Other in Mumbai-7
Metropolis of Mumbai – the Great Parasite – has left its footprint on the regions far and wide; now the displaced and marginalized come to the threshold of Mumbai.

Would there ever be Payback time for Mumbai and other mega-cities?

(When I am posting this the family in the photographs has moved somewhere else.)

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  1. This is a daily scene anywhere in Mumbai. Squatters and slum-dwellers are about 60 millions in Mumbai! None takes notice!! Incredible!!!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! About two generations of squatters are raised in Mumbai. We wonder if they are listed in the Census Of India!!